вторник, 5 февруари 2013 г.

The Winter Musical Evenings festival in Pazardghik had a great program this year. From orchetra performances to magnificent concerts by Patrick Gallois, Maria Prinz and Georgi Cherkin. It had a little concert for young performers, too. Here's my performance (2.2.2013) in this concert:

Elegie by Sergei Rachmaninoff. One of the greatest pieces for piano ever written!

понеделник, 29 октомври 2012 г.

Emanuil Ivanov's performance at Vivapiano International competition, Sofia. First prize.

And Ivanov's performance at the final concert:

неделя, 28 октомври 2012 г.

Greetings! I'm Emanuil Ivanov, a classical concert pianist from Bulgaria! I'm starting this blog with my latest concert - my first solo piano recital. 
This is the second part: